Delightful Bengali fish recipe for North Indians to try

bengali fish recipe by Bong360

You haven’t really had the best meal of your life, if you didn’t really try these 3 top Bengali fish recipes.

A Bengali meal remains incomplete without the perfect finger-licking fish preparation. So why not share some secret recipes that you can try with your favorite variety of rice.

The Enticing “Shorshe Illish” (Illish cooked in Mustard Gravy) 

Shorshe Illish receipe  provdied by Bong360

You can take a Bong, out of Bengal but you can never take the      Flavor of Bengal-‘illish,’ out of a Bong ….. Thus goes the saying. And rightfully so, for a diehard Bengali, whether you are in Bengal or outside it, whether you have fish near you or it’s a long way down-Dining with illish macche, adds an air of royalty and a punch of magnificence into an otherwise mundane lunch !

With a tag of being a highly priced herring, Hilsa was considered to figure in a rich man’s diet earlier. But the notion got a beating, with its popularity soaring among the masses, given its androgynous life cycle plus its spawning phase, partly in fresh water and partly in the sea, making it even tastier, leading to a high demand and great consumerism! Now you will find, the ‘National fish of Bengal’ charting a top priority in the menu of every Bengali household!

 Laying the dish on the table is like spreading your own empire.

With 4 simple ingredients, you can create an air of exuberant humility enough to forge a lifelong kinship with your next of kith and kin.

So presenting before you the Classical and Enticing “Sorshe illish recipe” with its detailed health benefits.

Ingredients for 4

  1. Heart friendly and Bengalis go lucky- Mustard oil – 6 Tsps.
  2. Seasonings –Iodized, good for thyroid, Salt as per taste ,  2Tsp of analgesic and  anti-inflammatory turmeric  for pre and post marination,  Anti flatulent-nigella / kalongi seeds to saute-1Tsp, Digestive cumin seeds -1Tsp , 5-6 Green chillies scoring over any other chilly with its capsaicin content-a rich source of Potassium ,iron and calcium!
  3. Micro nutrients and Dietary fiber packed Mustard seeds- 2 Tbsps., one each of black and white alike, pre- soaked in water and ground to a fine paste thereafter.
  4. 6 pieces of Hilsa /illish macch, which is rich in anti-ageing and anti-oxidant -Omega 3 fatty acids ,  essential oils and  protein.

Transforming the Raw …. To a finished product.

Into its making…………

To keep it simple : You sauté the haldi and salt marinated fish into a frying pan in the oil in which nigella seed was added earlier till it crackled, for a few minutes over low flame . Any increase in temperature at this point might plummet its nutrient value!

 In an attempt to elevate the pungency of the dish, it’s the right time to add the mustard paste with 4-5 tsp mustard oil over it and 4-5 slit green chillies makes it even hotter!

No playing with high fire! Cook covered over low flame for 10 minutes and with no frying at all (in keeping with the promised healthy styled cooking) just a little stirring here and there, you are done!

Your call!

If you want to eat the meat, you have to navigate the bones!

Bond with us to de-bone…..

                                                           …..this sinful recipe!

Going GA GA over Papda!   

The best Papda fish recipe by Bong360

Papda is a fish that anyone can give their right hand, to get it to their mouth. The fact that it is a silvery pinkish hued scaleless fish with a single kata, makes it far more versatile than any other fish coupled by the fact that being reared in fresh water  clean habitat makes it even tastier. On top of it, the pure authentic preparation, taking into consideration about the finer nuances of the dish, gives it a reason enough, to say:

Why people go GAGA over Papda!

So over to you with the recipe of                          

 Papda Fish curry !

  For the Ingredients part, you would be needing;

  1. 2 tablespoon each of mustard and poppy seed with 2 green chillies ground to a fine paste and kept separately.
  2. 2 teaspoon each of turmeric & cumin powder.
  3. 4 green chilies
  4. 1 teaspoon nigella seeds/kalongi/ kala jeera
  5. Some Mustard oil ( about 4 table spoons)and salt to taste.

And the fish of course about 500 gms.

 Real Time Preparation

  • First the fish needs to be  Marinated with salt and  Haldi powder  for 10 mts
  •  Then it should be fried till it is golden brown.

To add that Zing into the flavor, Tadka is all that       matters .

  • Into the piping hot oil, introduce kala jeera and as it  crackles,  add poppy seed and green chilly paste. Stirring for few mts is the next course of action!
  •  Consequently whole green chillies and curd makes its way into the dish, to be simmered till it integrates itself with others.


  • Turmeric & cumin powder are the usual masala seasonings which goes into it, along with salt to taste. It is cooked till the oil separates. It is then when dilution with ½ cup of water takes place and the whole thing is brought to a boil.
  •  Then comes the Twist in the tale – addition of the pungent  mustard paste!
  • After being on flame for another 5 mts  it’s time for
  •  Enter the dragon – that is, the fried fish makes its appearance into the gravy to be cooked covered till the sauce thickens. Wow! Your Dish is ready. Team it up with steamed rice and Enjoy! And…

 Leave  the rest  to us to present you with the same flavor , texture and taste that you  once  experienced when  your Mother used to hold the kitchen Ladle.

We’ve tried to preserve her art and soul of the Papda fish curry  !

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 The Incorrigible Masala Fish fry

Fish fry recipe to relish on provided by Bong360

You don’t need to put on a swim suit to go fishing! A powered trawler with a good net is all that is required to get your fishes  hooked till you get it off the hook! Stuck ?

Let’s simplify!

Well, it’s time to go fishing to fish out an all-purpose all season  effervescent , masaaledar , chatkaaredar Fish fry recipe suiting all palates and taste.  It’s all about fish, fried to ecstasy for the benevolent and fish hungry souls. Sounding fishy?….Probably not!  

But before I take you through your fishing sojourn, let me elucidate , nothing is more comforting than snacking on fish fry or having it as starters to the main course or a side dish whatever the case  may be !

 In our country, we are spoiled beyond repair, at the variety of fish fry ishtyle  ranging from Bengal’s breadcrumb coated deep fried crunchy  boneless fish or the Amritsari pakora styled fish fry to plaintain leaf spread Chettinad  fish fry  down  south to Curry patta flavored Kerala styled to hot and spicy Andhra styled fish fry. The list goes on and on. Different regions spells different tastes and cooking patterns.

 You can have it as a whole if the fish is small or big fishes cut and fragmented to bite sized mouthwatering pieces.

Big or small,

one thing is common to all

Quality of fish and Marination is the key!

Better the margination, crispier would the recipe be!

So let’s expose you to the magical ingredients waiting to encrust the outer and inner surface of fish and your mouth, pre and post cooking, respectively.

Smoldering Ingredients                             Quantity

1. Refrigerated curd                                           2tbsp

2. Condiments: Ginger & garlic paste            1tsp each

                            Lemon juice                            ½ tbsp

3.Spices: Garam masala                              1tbsp

              Turmeric                                           1tbsp

             Red chilli powder                            1 tbsp

Salt as per taste   and a little water

Mustard oil                                                      2 or 3 tbsp

And the fish of course! 250 gm serving two people.


Wash and cut the fish as per your desire

Reiterating, Marination is the game changer here .

Apply lime juice and turmeric powder to the fish

 and keep it aside for  few mts.

Now mix all the ingredients along with salt to a thick paste,

 And apply it all over the fish phase by phase.

 Refrigerate the fish for a good 2 to 3 hours and after that,

Either deep fry or shallow stir fry the fish till it turns golden matte

And by the time you start relishing it with your EYES,

You smelled the dish ready,… to try ! 

Your very own The Incorrigible Masala fish fry!

Final Words

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