Bengali Mom and Issues

The word” Mom” is indeed universal. Despite the fact that they scold you or sometimes keep on nagging about the same things:they love you. It is never about a Bengali, Gujrati, Punjabi or English mom, but it’s all about MAA, AI, TAI, AMMI, MOTHER and so forth. ( Just being nostalgic)

Surprisingly, the traits found in Bengali Moms are fundamental. If you can hear “babu” “babu-shona” “baban” (all ways of calling kids) in an utmost screaming pitch, yeah! there you found a Bengali Mom. They are obsessed with “aj baba ashuk tor hoche!” (you’ll fall sick son/daughter; please be careful)

It’s even better when we start to analyse our Bengali Moms from their inception i.e. Bangla Maa (Jononi) which takes nine months: hahaha!!!, and the rest of their lives. Its better some phrases be used to give a brief picture what our moms are like.

Bengali moms love singing, they actually do not realise that sometimes they end up singing in the wrong intonations and with incorrect lyrics! But singing is a must, whether it be Rabindranath or Nazrul. Songs are must. The typical Bengali Moms, also do not like the so called ‘adhunik Bangla songs’, precisely the songs in the new gen films.

A bright Sunday Morning when actually you are enjoying your sweet sleep, you suddenly come across “oth” “oth’: sarakhn ghum” (get up, get up, it is morning!) it’s like the first alarm ring and the snooze version after every 5 minutes without failing! “oth oth: sarakhn ghum oth…oth: sarakhn ghum oth…oth: sarakhn ghum continues!

Though we Bengalis are gender neutral community and our moms too treat us alike but Wait! Wait! Wait! Phrases are used aptly (gender wise)

:tor maa boley sojho korche ,bou hole korbe na! (its because she’s your mom, she’s baring with you. Your wife wouldn’t!)

Amar chele NRI holeo amar hater “chal-potol” chara tar chole na! (My son might be an NRI but he still loves the food I cook)

“kubh paraberani hoechish:saradin dhingipona” (you have grown wings now, you keep on roaming around and never come back home)

Erkom korle sasur bari r rakhbe na” “maa ki sikheche bolbe?”(If you continue such behaviour, your in laws wouldn’t let you stay with them any longer! They would question what your mom taught you!)

Bengali moms in order to keep their children in tracks, used some lethat weapons, that have been made easily available in the market by the local “-walas” : honourable mentions are ‘juto’, ‘choti’, ‘chata’, ‘jhata’, ‘belon’ and so on (shoes, chappals, umbrellas, brooms, roti maker and so on). Also, ‘hater kache ja pawa jai’ (anything throwable near the hand as well). To add some more onto the list were extreme level threats like ‘gorom khunti’(hot cooking handle), ‘haat pakha’(hand fan), ‘chironi’ (comb) and so on. (Actually anything and everything can be utilised).

Bengali moms are over active and super caring!

“raasta ta dekhe par korbi”  “kane earphone na” (Be careful while crossing the street and remember to remove your earphone)

“khawar somoy kotha noi” :kobhordar ekdmm chup” (Shut yout trap while you eat, don’t speak)

Ektu gelusil ta kheye nea, tor khawa dekhle toh ar kichu kheyal thake na! (Have a bit of gelusil, coz when you start eating you don’t care about yourself)

“babu thanda lege jabe ;sweater ta!” (Son/ daughter please wear a sweater; you’re gonna catch a cold)

“Boroline ta pack kre nish” (Remember to pack your boroline)

“koto patla hoye geli:nea r o ektu khaa” (You’ve become so thin. Eat something)

“mosari ta tanga :dengu hobe” (Use the mosquito net. You’ll get dengue)

“babu; tiffin” (The tiffin!)

But the award goes to ‘amar dibbi kore bol’ (swear by me) and ‘jol kheyecho’ (did you drink water).

“bhobishot ondokar” (your future is dark)

“kichue hobe na tor dara” (you won’t be able to do anything)

“kubh somosya” (what trouble!)

“chuti mane porashona bondho noy” (just because school is closed doesn’t mean no studies!)

“porte bosh” (get studying!)

“sorbonash e sobh ki holo” (what the hell!)

These are the common phrases used by moms. I’m sure you can relate.

Bengali moms try to balance our life (making us extremely talented) BY PUTTING us in Acting class , dancing class , singing class, painting class. In short, they want all-rounders!

Bengalis are foodie so indeed Bengali maa surely gives you extreme tasty and delicious foods “alu-posto” “macher jhol” “Lau-Chingri” “sores-ilish” “kosha mansho” “fried –rice” “alu-bhaja””doi-begun”.

Bengali moms are not ‘kipte’ (misers) but are indeed songsari! (very family oriented). They will save the last penny for their ‘bacchas’ and it’s called “aposh kore bacha” not “uposh kre baca” (spend and save and not, don’t use and save; this reflects love)

And in case you end up quarrelling with your maa she will be like “jedike du chok jai ami chole jai” (I’ll just leave everything and leave)

“Ekdin to morei jbo”! (One day even I will have to go!)

I will now end this with “tumi maa-er moton bhalo” (You’re as god as your mum)

Which indeed hints that MAA is PERFECT IN every ASPECTS

Mom gives us the courage “Shesh theke suru korar” (to start afresh and be successful)



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