5 best online grocery stores in Delhi during COVID-19

With the sky being blue, Rivers being clear than ever, and animals coming out of their habitat to get a gist of the human infrastructure, over the past few weeks, COVID-19 has proved to be a boon for the environment but bane for the human civilization, increasing the complexities of tasks which may include the burden of daily jobs or be as simple as buying groceries.

With the fear of catching the disease, the thought of going out of homes for work or the daily necessities seems to be frightening, but it also opens the doors to explore the online market, be it shopping furniture or to buy groceries online.

Why buy groceries online?

Amid the pandemic, going out as a daily routine has become a disaster for the members of the family, which includes the reasons, as simple as going out to buy your favorite fish, which could have been delivered to your doorstep.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before stepping out :

  1. Is your favorite fish worth taking the risk of having the disease? NO.
  2. Can you resist the temptation of having your favorite fish in dinner? NO.
  3. Will you be able to survive without fruits and vegetables? BIG NOO.
  4. So what is the safest alternative?


There is no reason for not buying groceries online in Delhi, be it buying fish online to buying fruits and vegetables online, you get everything delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks.

How to choose the online store?


Considering the current pandemic situation, the benefits of having faster delivery, fresh food, and cheap prices surely add up to better customer value.

But is your food delivery store taking precautionary measures to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19?

Try to look out for the online stores for which assures and guarantees safe delivery of fresh groceries online to your home.

Which are the best online stores to buy groceries in Delhi?

Have you ever wondered which online grocery store can provide the best service, fresh food, fastest delivery, and cheap prices all at once?

If you haven’t, we have figured it out for you :


BigBasket is India’s one of the leading online grocery store, listing around 1000 brands in their inventory with over 18000 items, promising the best value for money.

Select a scheduled opening for conveyance and your request will be conveyed right to your doorstep.

bigbasket.com allows you to have a hassle-free online grocery shopping experience and welcome a simple loosened up method of perusing and looking for goods.


Grofers is India’s biggest low-cost online market in the basic food item space. The organization utilizes its in-house innovation stage to deal with a system of more than 5,000 accomplice stores that empower the organization to run a quick and lean flexibly chain – from producers directly to clients.


A Delhi based online grocery store, promising the best quality assurance at the cheapest prices possible.

Bong360 Looks over a wide scope of alternatives in each class, be it fresh fruits and vegetables or fish, only handpicked to assist you with finding the best quality accessible at the most minimal costs.

Craving for your favorite fish you were going to get from your local store and were not sure about the freshness and quality? Bong360 is the answer to the problem, providing the best quality with fast delivery and cheap price.

Still, looking for a better alternative?

Bong360 takes every precautionary measure required for restricting the spread of COVID-19, from daily temperature checkups of its employees to distant delivery at your doorsteps, Bong360 keeps you secure from the risk of coronavirus.

Natures Basket

Nature’s Basket is India’s spearheading food stop present through physical retail locations, online entry, and a versatile application.

Their footprint at present reaches out to more than 36 neighborhood accommodation stores intending to provide fresh food.


Jagsfresh is committed to making your life more simple by serving you with a wide range of food supplies at the best and most sensible costs. The most confided in brand Jagsfresh is stacked with a tremendous assortment of value-based staple things.

What things are safe to order online?

Most likely, a large number of products, be it food items like vegetables, poultry, and milk products should be bought online since such products are either sold in immensely crowded vegetable markets or local shops with no assurance of quality and safety form COVID-19.

Buying products online depends more on the platform one is using to buy products from, to ensure the safety and freshness of food.

Amidst all the restrictions that the pandemic has imposed over the carefree nature of humans, one of the most important and exposed activities at the same time is buying vegetables.

Since, Indian people tend to check the fruits and vegetables by measuring the stiffness with their hands and smelling them by bringing them close to their noses, exposing themselves to a greater risk of coming in contact with COVID-19.

Precautions to take while accepting the order

When you order groceries online or buy fish online, or any other product, do not forget to take these precautions:

  1. Ask the delivery man to keep your order onto a platform or floor and maintain a distance of about 2 feet.
  2. Do not forget to wear a mask even if you are accepting orders at your doorsteps.
  3. Avoid paying through cash to minimize the possibilities of contact.
  4. Once you accept the order, do not forget to wash it well. Keep it in isolation for a few hours.
  5. Do not forget to wash your hands.

Nowadays web-based shopping is a developing pattern as it is the most straightforward and advantageous method of shopping. At the point when we get quality and new staple goods, best case scenario limits in online stores, who don’t lean toward shopping from online stores. Taking the time and going to nearby stores for purchasing new goods and sitting tight in line for charging takes a great deal of time. We have better favorable circumstances in internet shopping contrasted with disconnected shopping like sparing time, cash getting cashback and prize focuses.

There is no end an ideal opportunity for online stores, they offer types of assistance every minute of every day and we can arrange food supplies online inside seconds just by sitting on our place utilizing portable with web get to. Online supermarkets are giving the best arrangements and offers contrasted with disconnected stores.


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