The Ultimate Enchantress, The Sondesh.

A slip off the tongue, into the mouth, blasting its taste creating a riot of emotions speaks volumes of the sublime nature of the great Indian desert we are talking about. The one and only Sondesh! A close cousin and ally of King Roshogulla, it’s the Queen Sondesh which is no less either. The same ingredients, warm hands, and a little different technique sets the tone and paves the way for this Great Indian dessert to become the heartthrob of millions and as it melts in your mouth, you get transported to an altogether different world of sense and sensitivities. And that’s what makes all the difference.
Isn’t it?

Into its Origin

It found its origin in the eastern suburbs of East Bengal, where different sweet-toothed community got together and churned out a concoction with the help of
cottage cheese, sugar, and cardamom powder.


And as they say, pressure tactics yield the results, similarly, the cottage cheese is pressed along with powdered sugar and a dash of cardamom powder or any other flavor.
Pressed and pressed till it surrenders, into the safe hands of its maker, smoothened to a silky paste, befitting its taste, a little toss and turn over the fire, can set ablaze your desire and lo! You have different types of Nolen Gurer sondesh, Kora pak Sondesh, Norom pak Sondesh your senses running at tandem and you wish time could come to a halt. Garnished with almond, pistachios, or kesar. A boxful of Sondesh is what you can ask for!

Sondesh is available in varieety of shapes, colour and taste in Bengal

From AN Epicure’s point of view.
Sondesh is Harbinger of every festivity, whether it is Annoprashon or wedding the ceremony, Sotyonarayan Pujo, Vijoyadashumi , Poila Boishak or Silver, Diamond or Platinum Jubilee. Sondesh is not the prerogative of the rich alone
All can have it provided you are bewitched by its mesmerizing taste and stay enamored till you can lay your hands on trayful of readymade Sondesh or try your hands at making it. A boxful of sondesh exudes so much of Respect
More than a truckload of heavy-duty Officials, And as it passes through the hands of the Dignitaries, makes them go weak at the knees, leaving them, craving.: Can we have some more, please?
Such is the power of sondesh, Not only can it brighten up a sulky face, Can turn a boy’s Long pending Marriage proposal, into that proverbial ‘YES’.
The name itself has our saliva secreting, we the Shobbbho Maanush need to thank Ivan Pavlov’s theory of classical conditioning! At last, we can say that we found our Muse in the Iconic Sondesh.
Although it has a very low shelf life, take no tensions, ‘Coz it disappears sooner it is laid on the table, cutting short all your apprehensions! Its Life is no doubt short but nevertheless, It has made its high impact and you feel blessed that you have come across anything like it , the Ultimate Enchantress.!

WRITTEN BY- Mrs. Reema Tarafdar

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