Tear away the difficult time with Rossomalai , Never had it so good!

Rossomalai a premium Bengali desert that fits all occasions

Rossomalai a premium Bengali desert that fits all occasions

When its raging tornado of doubtful times outside, it’s the cool assurance of this all milk delicacy inside.
Once you have it, leaves you feeling nothing short of humbleness and a beautiful solace that guards your
mind which is under the unprecedented dictates of unpredictable surety and tempts you to venture to
this rustic realm of flavor and indulgence. So welcome to the world of creamy Cheese balls with milk
percolations or to say Rossomalai, an invisible beacon of light for the mind and an enriched fulfillment
for the stomach!


Rossomalai seems to have been a status quo for the high and elite in the eastern parts of India where it
took its birth ,K.C Das being its main proponent. From there, it spread to all other parts of the country
and the Globe, steadily invading the hearts of people through the stomach very likely of human
tendencies and inclinations!


A product of skilled hands and unflickered mind,
When cottage cheese balls meet flavored milk condensed over time.
Tossed with some dry fruits, this delicacy is a must-have and a Show stealer even in these delicate times
when you are restricted to the constraints of the four walls of your so-called comfort zone intact with the
same course of action day after day


The very thought of this recipe is outrageously provoking
And stirs you out of those inertial minimal movements that you are so used to making.
It conjures your feet to move and nimble hands search
For the key ingredients that goes into the making Of this Queen of sweets, Rossomalai and you realize
that everything needed to start, are there at your kitchen’s workstation waiting for you to take the call
which you thought otherwise till now but not anymore! .
And that’s it! You have set the cheese ball rolling!


With a single dish of this creamy infusion you have mastered the art of setting right all confusion that
offsets between the given times we are in. But believe me; this beautiful dish is worth the tradeoff you
are making with total joy emanating from a healthy delight on one side and the design of life on the

Penned by: – Mrs Reema Tarafdar


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