BHOJHON with Mishti Doi

Bhojon or bhajon can only be called “Shompurno” if you could serve in a small earthen pot , a slice of The RESPLENDENT Mishti Doi !
So what’s your idea of a Dream meal?
Ask any Bengali Heart.
Emphatically they will answer “The one that leaves a sweet tingling aftertaste whenever!”
An attempt , to bring out the beauty of Mishti doi in real life, is made via a dialogue between a newlywed Bride and her Father- in- Law.)
‘I do not want a Dhakai as a mukh daikhai,
Nor a Famous Author’s Boi ,
I do not want in the Property papers, Baba, your Shoi,
All I want every day after meal is, a slice of life, a slice of Mishti Doi”
chirped the Notun Bou Maa of a Bordhishnu Poribaar .
She continued, “It is a cure for all malady, a rhapsody at par with my
beauty, it’s the reason for my being (.in shape of course) and dreaming
of a great future here. A culture which I want to continue from my
mother to your progeny and even further”

Mishti Doi is one of the most refreshing desert of Bengal, high in Probiotics

Amazed, the Father- in-Law, gave a thoughtful reply
ever strengthening the beautiful bond)
“So be it tai.
As mishti as you are,
Cheers to your spirit,
Cheers to Shobai
Who helped you learn and retain the Bengali Tradition.
I give you my consent and permission.
Set the culture and the Doi too!
Henceforth every day after meal, it’s Mishti mukh for all of us with
Mishti Doi from a Mishti Bou!”

Preparation of Mishti Doi

Mishti doi is not just a dessert, or just to say to the Guests that the Party is over. It’s more than that!
It’s a way of life!
Thickened milk plus caramelized sugar boiled with an additional dose of
white sugar and fermented with some useful bacteria. It does well to go down your Gut till you go nuts!
Packed with Vitamins, Calcium, fiber and a dreamy taste,
It nourishes the body, mind and spirit, in phase It fills an empty heart and stomach, plays a creamy role.
And before you realize, you
are in Company’s top payroll!


A Formula for a swashbuckling figure, swinging mood and an unpredictable nature for sure!
Creamiest of the creamy goes for the highest bid and a Standing Order.
Plates get finished as the yogurt maker rigour..
But it’s all worth it at the end of the day
.Sweetened yogurt set in clay!
So what are you waiting for Guys? Lap it up before it disappears!
It’s Bhojon with Mishti Doi , Dear!
Your heart goes all out for it, the message is loud and clear!

Written by:- Mrs Reema Tarafdar


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