Battle of the Biryanis

Best Biryani is from Bengal

Best Biryani is from Bengal

A biryani lover will always be regarded as a foodie, irrespective of which part of India he or she comes from. The holy month of Ramzan is not just meant for offering prayers to Allah, but also for savouring delicious biryani treats originating in Hyderabad, Lucknow and Kolkata. Though it is very hard to pick one of them as the clear winner, most people belonging to the same region consider theirs to be the best. 

Why is biryani regarded as such a favourite dish?

When you take a spoon of chicken biryani, as an example, you will feel the different flavours of zafran, marinated chicken, whole spices and even yoghurt exploding in your mouth. It is the godly aroma which makes biryani such a treasured dish across different regions of India. 

Originally, biryani was introduced in India after Mughals had captured the region for significant time. Gradually, it was accommodated and adjusted as per various regional tastes and preferences, inventive changes to the original recipe, and economic reasons.

How biryanis compare against each other  


    • Hyderabadi – It is a spicy and pungent variant of the biryani, and is replete with zafran flavor and yoghurt. It is prepared using the Dum method, where rice and mutton are marinated separately, in raw form. Rice is kept above the meat mixture and cooked slowly over low heat. You will always get the fragrant aroma of South Indian spices here.  

    • Laknawi From the city of Nawabs, Laknawi biryani is known to possess smooth aromatic flavors. Here rice and meat are prepared separately, after which they are layered and baked together. Laknawi biryani possesses a sweet aroma of kewra, rose and lightly spiced meats. As a non vegetarian, you will thoroughly enjoy the light feeling it leaves in your stomach.

    • Kolkata Flavored meat, glistening egg, subtle aroma, basmati rice and a hint of sweetness- all these are elements of the classical Kolkata biryani. The much-loved Bengali aloo will always be visible on top of scented rice, subtle spices and meat, along with a hardboiled egg.


Many feel that the Kolkata and the Laknawi biryanis have subtle flavors, unlike the Hyderabadi biryani which tends to set one’s tongue on fire. The Hyderabadi style is more pungent, and its lovers swear by the combination of biryani with haleem during Ramzan. Hyderabadi and Laknawi biryani require more accompaniments, whereas the Kolkata biryani is a whole meal by itself. In addition, even a bowl full of Kolkata biryani sits better in the digestive system than its Hyderabadi variant!



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