A Kiss of the King. Roshogullas are forever…

Roshogulla is the most loved deserts of Bengal

Roshogulla is the most loved deserts of Bengal

Be it a festive occasion or a normal one

Be it an exotic place or your homeland,

By the sea or the sand, air or land Roshogulla can elevate your spirits as none can!

Surpassing all boundaries & barriers

Throughout your journey or career

Roshogullas are here to stay forever,

To give you a sneak preview into its epidemiology;

Roshogullas found its origin in the heartland of West Bengal,

Since then it remains sweetheart for all.

Spongy roshogulla, flattened roshogulla, yellow roshogulla or ghejur gur roshogulla,

It’saone big-family with its many siblings,

Soft and sweet, subtle and aromatic,

Tingling your taste buds making you go mad for it

Magnificence at its core, with its shimmering white hue,

More the variation, more will be the queue.

Into it’smaking….

The onus of inventing roshogulla lies on a simple Fella;

with a gentle heart, A man called Navin ChandraDas;

He had a cool disposition combined with great culinary art.

and his sweet making acumen was class apart;

He mixed & matched the ingredients;

and added some color variants;
Few spoonfuls of lime is all it takes to curdle the whole milk,

As if curdling our whole life fears, misconceptions, and guilt.

In goes the lime and out comes the cheese, ground to a smooth consistency, and rolled into balls to be boiled into a sugary syrup till it’s fluffy and soft.

And as it rises high in the sugary ensemble;

So does our aspiration sand senses, Gentlemen!

Roshogullas are ready my friend

and So are we,

to be savored with Elan and penchant.

And in the end, you realize what a clever decision you had made!

To add that quintessential flavor and taste;

to your Palate!


‘Coz the King is here forever toReign.

WRITTEN BY-Mrs Reema Tarafdar


Reema Tarafdar

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  • Purna Chakrovarty

    Hi Reema.
    Ekdum fatafatti. Ektai gulla jeebone bhalobeshechi…… ROSHOGULLA!
    kudos to you for reinstating the Monarch of Mishti.

  • Reema

    Hey ,Purna . Thanks a lot .Gosh you could read through my first writing , the one with Kiss of the King , about Rossogolla particularly when it’s not formatted properly . Only a writer can understand another . Pls go through my other writings .As a writer yourself , you will surely enjoy . Thanks all the same

  • Reema

    Hi Purna ! Thanks for your lovely comments.Keep visiting this site to know more about what’s latest in Bengali culture. And don’t forget to order your wishlist. You will find plenty here .

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