We Bengalis are everywhere and wherever we are, we make a niche place for ourselves. We feel at home even in the farthest of countries, because we know how to make a house into a home and an unknown land into a known place.

Nomoshkar! Ashun! Amader sheathe du ek paa hethe dekhun.
Welcome onboard.

It is great to find familiarity in the farthest of places, where it is least expected. It brightens up our day to look at smiling faces, who greet us on the way. Be it a young kid on the way to school, or an elderly woman carrying vegetables in her hand, a smile is the same in every language and is so contagious that the gloomiest of faces smile back! We want to make you smile, your happiness is extremely important to us and we have a proposition that would definitely make you
smile. Keep reading.

You, our reader, can be a Bengali or a non-Bengali but we always uphold our culture wherever we are and we love to follow our traditions, it makes us who we are, after all! But there are times, some geographical locations pose us serious challenges to following the lifestyle we are so used to, the lifestyle we lead at our homes. Sometimes, we have to run to every corners of a city to look for the simplest of things. Getting back to Bengalis, simply put, we face the same problem coz’ every city and every part of our country doesn’t just comprise of Bengalis and hence the availability of things we so love and want are not readily available. Or are they?

What we are striving to achieve here, is the perfect blend of a personal assistant and an e-commerce website. Let us cater to the ‘Sholoana Bangaliana’ (perfect bengalines) inside of you. Let us give you your ‘telebhaja’ (oil fried items eaten as snacks), let us give you your ‘ilish’ (hilsa fish), let us give you the perfect mutton and chicken pieces, let us give you everything you need to satiate your Bengali taste buds. Yes, we also stock ‘pujo drobbo’ (items needed for every Bengali puja) and just in case you need someone to read the mantras, contact us as well. Daaler Bori, Kashondi, Panchphoron to Gurer Roshogolla, Shondesh, Ponjika, puja samagri, magazines, Bengali handlooms and what not, Bong360 is the right place. We have such amazing food at our restaurants that you’d inevitably return to us! Sorry but you will We are sure!

We are making sure you’d dress in Bengali attire, have tasty Bengali food, read your favourite Bengali literature and use fresh spices to add taste to your meal, all via Bong360. So now, you can stop lamenting about Bengali stuff, which were not available in your city. If you’re a Bengali and you’re reading this, Sir/ Ma’am we are sure we have everything you’re presently thinking of procuring right here, in Bong360 and if you are not a Bengali, it does not matter. You’ll enjoy our vast reservoir of all things Bengali. Bong360 is just a click away. Go on, break a leg, keep clicking!


Happy Bong360ing!!

Impressions Enterprises, Venture